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How it works

Einmal pro Woche wiegen und eintragenA weight loss period lasts 12 weeks. When you join the club at the start of an activity period, you commit yourself to loose weight within the next 12 weeks. We recommend to set your goal not higher than 5 kg since fast weight loss often results in fast weight gains afterwards.

Upon registration you provide your start weight and your height. The following weeks, on Mondays you report your weight of the week and it is shown in the club table.

We recommend to loose weight by eating better and enjoying more exercises. Information how to do this is provided at Abnehmen-mit-tinto.de (German language only). An overview of weight loss methods is provided at www.diaetindex.de (German language only).

Though your weekly weight is shown to everybody in the club, your privacy is protected since only you know your username (feel free to create a phantasy name).

We recommend to also use the Bulletin Boards at Abnehmen-mit-tinto.de (in German) to share tips and the ups and downs of weight loss.

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